Women's Health


  • Pregnancy Care

  • 1) Antenatal Care (Before Birth)

    2) Intrapartum Care (During Labor And Delivery)

    3) Postnatal Care (After Birth)

  • Gynaecology

  • 1) Screening For Women For Gynaecological And Breast Malignancies

    2) Treatment And Management Of Gynaecological Problems e.g.

    a) Pelvic-Abdominal Masses

    e) Utrine Prolapse

    f) Urinary Infection And Related Complaints

    g) Menstrual Disorders

    h) Menopause.

    3) Management Of Unintended Pregnancies

    4) Contraceptive Services

    5) Menopause And Related Management

    6) Emergency Obstetric & Gynaecological Consultations

  • Fetal Medicine

  • Fertility

  • Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy